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Pottery Parties

We provide the workspace and expertise. 

You have fun and create art in clay. 

We clean up the mess!

We have a unique environment at our pottery that allows you to have fun through self-expression and creativity. At Parade Mews, we can tailor the party to your needs, whether it's a kids' party themed on dinosaurs and castles, teenagers making coiled pots, or adults wanting to learn to throw on the potter's wheel  - anything is possible in clay! 


You spend one and a half hours sketching, creating and painting your pottery. We even provide music and party decorations! If you would like an extra half an hour to have a cake or snack you can add this onto your package for an extra £40.


Ages 7 and over. 

11am or 2pm at weekends.


Children's Parties:

     Option 1 - Handbuilding

     £200 (up to 12 children)

     1.5 hours

     Option 2 - Throwing on the potter's wheel

     £240 (up to 10 children)

     1.5 hours 

     Option 3 - Hiring both floors to have a birthday cake after! 


     2 hours 

* An extra half an hour can be added to the 1.5 parties, so you have time for happy birthday and a cake £40

Adults' Parties: 

     Option 1 - Handbuilding 

     £360 (up to 12 adults)  

     2 hours 

     Option 2 - Throwing on the potter's wheel 

     £520 (up to 8 adults)

     2 hours 

General Information: 

- please be on time for your party! 

- ask your guests to park or drop off on the surrounding roads

- no need to bring an apron or your own tools - we provide everything! 

- for children's parties, we generally ask the party parents to pop off to a cafe nearby then return for the last 30 minutes as the children are painting! This helps to allow children to express themselves freely!

- pots take 4-6 weeks to fire, glaze, fire again and finally get ready for collection! We text/email the adult who booked to pick all the pots up, who then distributes them.

How to Book: 

- email Melissa at

- please read the above information carefully, so that you know what option you are choosing 

- suggest 2 or 3 dates and your preferred time

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