Open Access Details

What we provide:

We have four communal pottery studios that you can become a member of; they are well equipped with wheels, basic tools, bats for throwing, kilns and large communal tables. 

The Open Access potteries offer more independence for potters who are able to progress from classes to a more free and rewarding potting experience. 

Who does it suit?

All ability levels are welcome, but you must have done at least two terms in a formal pottery class. 

The pottery workshops are for part time enthusiasts (approximately 12 to 21 hours per week). 

If you are a full time production potter, group studios are not for you.


You buy your own glazes, but we do have a wealth of glaze recipes that you can have!

Payment options?

Standing order only. 

12hrs £100 a month

18hrs £140 a month

18hrs desk space £180

£150 key deposit. Our minimum contract length is 3 months except for the fixed short term contract (see 'Fixed Short Term'). 

What times can members use the pottery?

Any time that fits into your life, whether you're an early morning beard or a night owl! 

Our opening hours are from 10am - 10pm, Monday to Sunday.

There is a slot booking system in place; if you would like to be considered and want more details, email Melissa at

Do you sell clay?

We sell clay if you would like to buy from us, or alternatively you can buy it from any pottery manufacturer (especially if you want a certain clay). 

We supply HT Special stoneware (Valentine's) at £10 per 12.5kg bag. 

 Buying your own glazes

Glazes can be ordered through all the usual pottery manufactures and sent straight to the mews.

15/16/17  Parade mews, Tulse Hill, SE27 9AX

How are firing costs paid?

Each member pays their kiln firings every month, paying for the amount of space they have used in the kiln. 

Who packs and unpacks the kilns?

In all spaces (15, 16 and 17), members of our team pack and unpack the kilns.

What if I have a problem and need advice?

Our staff at the teaching pottery are often around the Mews to help with any problems. 

You will also find there is a very knowledgeable member in the pottery most of the time! 

What about parking?

There is no parking in the mews at any time. There re many surrounding roads that have free parking.

When can I exhibit my work? 

Every member is expected to show their work in at least one open studio event in the Mews during the year. In May, we participate in the Dulwich Open Studios, and at the beginning of December we hold a Mews Christmas sale. 

Have any more questions? Call (0208 678 1686) or email ( 

We also have instagram: @parademewspottery

If you would like to look around, email or call, and we can show you around on a Wednesday day time or evening.